The conference welcome papers on the following research topics but not limited to:

Accelerate identification of bioactive compounds in medicinal plants

        Advance packaging plant  technology

         Advance plant  extraction methods

Advancement in plant processing technology

Advances in plant science research

Agriculture and  Horticulture  

Biodiversity and conservation

Bioinformatics and chemoinformatics

Biological and pharmacological activity of natural and plantl extracts

Biomass, Bio-energy and Biofuels.


Bioprospecting of plant  medicine from biodiversity

Breeding, cultivation and agricultural aspects of  plants

Breeding selected horticultural crops 

Cell Biology

Characterization of active ingredients in  plants

Chemistry and biochemistry of bioactive natural product from herbs

Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy

Clinical trial of natural and herbal product

Crop and Soil science

Computational Chemistry and Molecular Drug Design

Discovery of lead compounds in  plants

Diversity of plant & plant resource conservation

Documentation of plant  medicine

Dosage and prescription of natural and plant products


Efficacy and efficiency of plant product to treat diseases

Environmental cleanup and Eco-restoration

Ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology of  plants

Evidence based plant  medicine

Genetic engineering & transgenic plants,


Genomics, proteomics and Bioinformatics

History of traditional herbal medicine

In vitro study of natural and herbal product

In vivo preclinical study of natural and herbal products

Manufacturing and quality control of herbal remedies

Mechanism of action of natural and herbal product as phytomedicine

Medicinal and aromatics plant research

Metabolomics and profiling technologies

Microbial Technologies

Modern plant breeding techniques 

Transgenic plants and green revolution 

Seed production and processing of vegetables and flowers 

Seed biology 

Routine and advanced methods of seed quality tests 

Use of seeds in other areas of horticulture

 Medicinal plants

Molecular target of herbal medicine

Natural Product Research

New technology platforms in herbal product  research 

Nutrient remobilization and postharvest physiology 

Organic agriculture 

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry







Pharmacy Practice

Plant breeding

Plant  extracts fingerprinting

Plant  product development and innovation

Plant & Nano-biotechnology

Plant reproductive biology

 Plant genetics & Plant genomics    

Plant nutrition & Plant hormones

Plant biotechnology and bioprocessing

Plant disease & Plant pathogens    

Plant & Agricultural Biotechnology

Plant molecular systematics • IPR, bio-safety, ethics and policy issues

Plant taxonomy and identification

Plant technologies for drugs & vaccine development


Plant-based products and Molecular farming

Plant  physiology

 Plant Stress biology

Prevention of diseases using herbal medicine

Phenomics, natural variation and evolution

Quality assurance of herbal products and dietary supplements

Regulatory affairs on herbal medicinal products

Safety and regulations of plant  products

Standardization of bioactive plant extract and natural products

Systematic review

Technologies for lower and higher group of plants

Toxicity evaluation of natural and plant products 

Traditional medicine  





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